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Digium IP Phones include unprecedented HD Voice and plug-and-play deployment at a price that fits any budget.

  • Product Details Image of d40 VoIP Phone

    D40 VoIP Phone

    An HDVoice, PoE phone with 2-line keys. Digium’s best value phone designed to work for any employee in your company.

  • Product Details Image of d45 VoIP Phone

    D45 VoIP Phone

    With multiple line appearances, context sensitive soft keys, and advanced applications, you can access the information you need instantly.

  • Product Details Image of D50 VoIP Phone

    D50 VoIP Phone

    An HDVoice, PoE phone with 4-line keys and 10 rapid dial buttons with busy lamp field indicators for your most important contacts.

  • Product Details Image of D70 VoIP Phone

    D70 VoIP Phone

    An HDVoice, PoE phone with 6-line keys and 10 digital, rapid dial buttons with real-time status information

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